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Conflict Resolution in Sports Ministry

If you’ve been in sports ministry long enough, surely you’ve had to deal with conflict.  Conflict happens all the time–you can’t avoid it.  What you can do though is help people deal with conflict Biblically.  As we all know though, that rarely happens in sports. Below is an excerpt of a document that is currently in the CSO Resource Center.  Much of the material below and on the document is from a ministry called Peacemaker Ministries.  Their website is a great resource in how to handle and mediate conflict.  You may find their website, as well as the information below, valuable in training volunteers and coaches. Principles to keep in mind while resolving conflict: The 4 G’s
  1. Glorify God—How can I please God in this situation, and how can I give witness to what he has done for me through Christ? (1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1)
  2. Get the log out of your eye—How have I contributed to this conflict and what do I need to do to resolve it? (Matthew 7:5)
  3. Gently restore—How can I help others to understand how they have contributed to this conflict? (Galatians 6:1)
  4. Go and be reconciled—How can I demonstrate forgiveness and encourage a reasonable solution to this conflict? (Matthew 5:24)
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