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God Can Use Even Me

I sometimes catch myself doubting that God could/would use me.797-slide1-600 He’s so big, and can handle everything on His own right? Yep, but doesn’t it bring Him more glory if we answer Him and Trust Him? I like this ol’ guest post on the subject. It’s about Moses talking to the burning bush and how God sends him to speak to Pharaoh. “The mission and the task are bigger than we are. It‘s an impossible job. That is what God has called us to do. But God doesn’t leave Moses hanging…  Exo. 3:12– says…’Certainly I will be with you…’ Don’t you love the way that phrase is worded! It begins with ‘CERTAINLY.’ Certainly is defined as: without doubt, reliable, known for sure. It would be like saying  ‘God will be with Moses throughout his journey and there can be no doubt about it, it’s a done deal.'” What encouragement! I pray it is for you too.