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God Will Love me Better If I’m Better, Right?

Moralism seems to pervade everyone and everywhere. It’s certainly not the Gospel, yet too many people believe it is. Like me, too often.grace-vs-legalism-and-moralism-4-638 This old post has a quote from Tullian Tchividjian and it hit me square in the face. “In our own context, one of the most seductive false gospels is moralism. This false gospel can take many forms and can emerge from any number of political and cultural impulses. Nevertheless, the basic structure of moralism comes down to this –the belief that the Gospel can be reduced to improvements in behavior. The seduction of moralism is the essence of its power. We are so easily seduced into believing that we actually can gain all the approval we need by our behavior. Of course, in order to participate in this seduction, we must negotiate a moral code that defines acceptable behavior with innumerable loopholes. Most moralists would not claim to be without sin, but merely beyond scandal. That is considered sufficient.” I have been thinking recently about how it is so easy to think that by doing better I’ll be loved more. This sort of thinking can start as young as believing in Santa Claus and what he tries to teach (being on the Nice List is everything). It can only mature from there into believing in karma. It’s not the truth, but it sounds good and believable. Sports ministry leaders need to know their audience as they go about pointing coaches and athletes to Christ. So many will come into Christianity with this idea that they think is right, because grasping Grace is too difficult and doesn’t make sense. Grace can be messy and unbelievable, that’s why it’s called grace. So how do we get people to realize it’s not what they do to try to earn love, but What they accept and Whom they claim because He did it first for them? Pray. Pray for them, pray to be used, pray that we would accept His Grace more and mirror Christ better. And receiving by Faith. That Faith is a Gift. We take it and get to just say “Thank You!” (Eph. 2:8-9)