Ministry Development, Personal Growth

Lessons from an Empty Pickle Jar

What are your big rocks?

This is a question we frequently ask each other around Cede Sports. The question is based on an illustration I heard several years ago. Rather than explain it, why don’t you watch this 3 minute video which shows it.

The professor uses golf balls instead of big rocks. If he were asking the question, it would be “What are your golf balls?”

The lesson we emphasize is, “We have to put the big rocks in first.” Therefore, we need to know know what our big rocks are and make room for them in our lives. When we do that, there is a lot of room for more, and, as the video emphasizes, we live happier, more fulfilled lives.

So let me ask you, “What are your big rocks?” The professor identified some. His list is not what is important. Neither is my list. The question is “What are YOUR big rocks? What are the things God has pointed out to you that are your priority?”

Once you identify these, the next question is “Do you make space for these in your life first?”


Bob Schindler