Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Sports Chaplaincy Registry for?
The registry will enable you to link with other sports chaplains within your region, or within your sport around the world. Hopefully, it will allow you to connect to encourage each other, learn from each other, or perhaps confidentially contact each other regarding a player/coach arriving at their club.
What if I don’t want to share my information?

We fully understand that some chaplains will wish to remain ‘below the radar’ due to the sporting or geographical culture that they operate in. That’s fine and you will have the option to keep your details hidden, instead if you chose to keep your information hidden you will still have access to liaise with other chaplains and use the training resources.

I don’t want to share my email address with anybody, is that OK?

If you are contacted by another chaplain it will go through the Cede Network contact system and anyone contacting you will not see your email address. This will only be visible to them if you choose to reply. Chaplains are also asked to only have professional contact with each other. Cede Network will not approve email contact which is used merely to leverage a chaplains connections in their club/sporting environment.

Can anyone join the Sports Chaplains Registry?

No. Only those that are currently serving in chaplaincy, or have been trained and are awaiting appointment.