Course 2

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Course 2 | Sports Outreach Ministry Leadership (SOML)


Equip students with the tools to start, transition or revitalize an existing Sports Outreach Ministry with CEDE Sports.


Students will be able to:
● Have a clear definition of Leadership – This is what a leader is…
● Delineate the difference between godly and cultural leadership in ministry
● Define a mission statement for a Sports Outreach Ministry Leader
● Develop a model for expressing godly leadership within a Sports Outreach context
● Write out a strategy for implementing that model of leadership within their local church
● List the key milestones to starting a sports outreach ministry
● List the key issues for transitioning a particular recreational ministry
● Develop a plan for starting or transitioning the sports ministry at their churches
● Analyze a church sports ministry and develop a plan to either start or transition the ministry