Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between signing up on the Directory and being a Partner with CEDE SPORTS Churches?

The Directory is free and is open to any church doing sports, rec, and fitness ministry or wanting to do so.  Members are able to connect with other churches doing sports, rec, and fitness ministry and access resources from CEDE SPORTS Churches and other church sports ministries to help them in their efforts. Partner Churches (as opposed to Member Churches) have the benefits of being in the Directory and also have access to regular and individual coaching from CEDE SPORTS Churches. Here is a description of that breakdown.

What is the benefit of being on this Directory?

Someone in the directory can see and contact all the other churches in the directory, access selected resources from sports ministries, and gain a sense of the overall movement of God. Also, it will be a place to ask questions and provide answers for others in sports, rec, and fitness ministry.

Can anyone sign up a church for the Directory?

Yes, anyone can but each church will have only one contact person. All in the church will access the resources through the contact provided.

Our Church would like to start a sports ministry, whom do we talk to for help with that?