Remembering what God has done in your Sports Chaplaincy ministry

Well Christmas is arriving and for most chaplains its an extremely busy time of the year. It occurred to me the other day that there is nowhere in the Bible that says that we should celebrate Jesus’ birth….or is there?

We see in the word there is a great tradition and ongoing theme to remember the works God has done. Deuteronomy 4:9 encourages us to remember what our eyes have seen, and never let it fade from our hearts, and to teach it to our children and their children.

It is then important to remember and celebrate Jesus’ birth, but also (and I think this is often forgotten) to remember and celebrate all Gods work.   To remember not only the accounts in the Holy Scriptures but also the stories in our lives. I’d like to encourage you over this Christmas break to take some time to remember and recall all the times in your ministry that God has blessed the work of your hands. Retell the stories to your friend’s and family – faith will rise. You will see His continuing hand in your chaplaincy and be inspired and encouraged to see more in 2018.


Richard Gamble

Richard Gamble

Former Leicester City Chaplain Former Olympic Chaplain