Gospel Centricity

What is the Gospel?

gospel-01 What is the gospel? Answering that question may be more difficult, controversial and critical than you think. Listen to theologian D.A. Carson’s take on it – “More than thirty years of teaching theological students has shown me that the most controversial questions they ask vary from generation to generation – and the same is true of the broader Christian public….Today the question most likely to light a fuse is “What is the gospel?” As sports ministry leaders, especially those who do youth leagues, you entrust adults to pass along this gospel to young participants and their families.  Do you know for sure what they pass along? More importantly, are you confident your answer is broad and deep enough to encompass all the good news of the gospel? My perspective is that most of us, including me, tend to narrow the breadth and depth of the gospel.  That is a problem.  When we do so, we truncate our pursuit of that gospel and –       Our experience of its transforming power –       Our sense of meaning in what we are doing The gospel in its fullness was designed to give both – power and meaning. What is the gospel?  This is an important question and one worth thinking about – deeply. Check out the following blogs to give you an answer to consider. The Gospel is… Infographic:What is the Gospel? Your Gospel is too small Paul said to his friends, fellow-believers and embracers of the gospel in Corinth “Now brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand.  By this gospel you are saved.” Is the gospel you are standing on  “this gospel” or do you need reminding as well?