Foundations of Pastoral Care: Recovering The Spirit Of Chaplaincy In Sport

Brad Kenney argues the need to ensure pastoral care as core for chaplaincy. This manuscript will look at the nature of sports chaplaincy, including its education, training, and practise. An argument will be made for making clear distinctions for a sports chaplain and developing a strong understanding of pastoral care as the primary ministry framework.…

The Sports Chaplains Role

More than 460,000 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) student–athletes compete in twenty-three sports each year. These student–athletes receive a spectrum of services that include academic support to medical care. This paper examines the role and function of sport chaplains who work in a collegiate (colleges and university) athletics in the United States. The role of…

Beyond Gold

After a tragic incident to one of their players, East Sandringham Junior Football Club finds assistance from Andy Mitchell, a sports chaplain who is helping the kids and parents navigate the challenges they face. Sports Chaplaincy Australia’s ClubCare ACCESS program is available to clubs and associations throughout Australia.

What Challenges do Sports People Face?

In this short video sports people from across the globe and from a variety of different sporting codes share the unique challenges they have confronted as athletes. The video includes insights from two South Africans – Siyoli Waters, South Africa’s Number 1 Squash Player & Jonathan Armogam, former PSL soccer player.

Sports Chaplaincy: Trends, Issues and Debates

By: Andrew Parker (Editor), Nick J. Watson (Editor), John B. White (Editor). 2016, Paperback This ground-breaking book provides an in-depth analysis of the theory and practice of sports chaplaincy in a global context. Written in an accessible style, yet based on academic evidence and theory, the contributors include those leading major national chaplaincy organisations located…