What does it look like to be a Partner?

Individualized Coaching

When a Local Church takes up the tool of sports, rec, and fitness, they do this uniquely with respect to that Church’s individual context. Cede Partners comes alongside Local Churches to catalyze a vigorous and effective pursuit of those unique efforts.

This coaching involves:

  1. Providing strategic insight that focuses on that unique context.
  2. Determining a clear and compelling vision toward a Gospel Centered approach in those unique efforts.
  3. Utilizing proven tools to enhance the continuing development of the unique expression by the church toward that vision

In this coaching, Cede Partners offers encouragement and insight from a seasoned coach that typically includes:

  1. Evaluating effectiveness of the ministry
  2. Defining Gospel Centricity in Sports, Rec, and Fitness ministry – including metrics for measuring that effectiveness
  3. Developing/revising Mission, Vision, and Philosophy for the ministry.
  4. Determining an implementable and effective Coach/Captain/Leader Development Process.
  5. Regularly reviewing ongoing efforts for effectiveness

The end result – Sports, rec and fitness ministers are supported and churches are mobilized in their use of sports, rec, and fitness as a bridge to connect with people and a laboratory to develop them.

The  two options for such coaching are as follows:

E-30 Monthly Coaching – $200 a month – $2400 annually

E-60 Bi-monthly Coaching – $200 every other month – $1200 annually

Click here if you would like to hear how others have benefitted from this coaching. Feel free to contact us for more information. If you desire to become a partner with us and start benefiting from this coaching, email us today and we will contact you.