Course 1

Course 1

Gospel-Centered Sports Ministry (GCSM)

Course Mission:

For the participants to leave with an understanding of and passion for the four chapter biblical construct of the gospel that forms the hub from which they will pursue the redemption of sports.

Course Vision:

At the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the question “What is the gospel?” 
  • Understand the impact our definition of the gospel has on our sports ministry
  • Identify/define the gospel according to the four chapter construct and begin to see what sports would look like in each of the four chapters
  • Identify the hub of their sports ministry and evaluate what gospel is being pursued in their sports ministry
  • Clarify what is and what isn’t gospelcentered sports ministry
  • Identify ways to move their sports ministry into a greater gospelcentricity and develop a plan to do so.