Richard Gamble is 45 is married to Sarah and has three children James, Lucy and Isaac. He is a committed Christian and an active member of his local church. Richard was Chaplain for Leicester City FC in the English Premier League for three years and then became CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK. As CEO, he was able to provide the charity with stability, improve the professionalism of sports chaplaincy offered and significantly grow the number of sports chaplains available in professional and elite sport.

In 2012, he graduated with a Masters in Sports Chaplaincy, his work on sports chaplains and sports psychologists has been published in the Applied Journal of Sports Psychology and is seen by many as a seminal piece of research in the field. In 2014, he moved his focus to developing sports chaplaincy internationally and has been instrumental in the creation of the International Sports Chaplaincy Federation. His favorite phrase is ‘living the dream’ as he seeks to get the best out of life for himself and all those around him.