Scott Tyson

I discovered Cede Sports, what was then CSO Sports, at the same time my “career” in sports ministry began. Like most rookies, I had everything figured out. Boy was I wrong. After only a few days on the job I was sinking fast in deep waters with very little understanding of how to lead a sports ministry at a local church. Fortunately, Cede Sports came to my rescue and provided a desperately needed flotation device.


At first I was just thankful to have an experienced consultant. But after awhile, it was surprisingly apparent that Cede Sports cared more about me as a person than the success of “my” sports ministry. What began as a business arrangement quickly turned into something immeasurably more valuable. Bob Schindler became a mentor/coach who encouraged, challenged, and prepared me to become a spiritual champion.


Because of my involvement with Cede Sports, I’ve learned how to effectively lead a Gospel-Centered Sports Ministry while also becoming a better husband, father, friend, son, leader, coach, and servant of the Lord.

Scott Tyson Legacy Sports
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